All children, preschool age through high school, are invited to participate in exciting, age-appropriate classes during the 10 a.m. service. Nursery is provided for children under the age of 5.  Current classes are listed below; new classes are formed needs arise.

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Pre-K – 1st grade
This energetic class invites students to get to know God better through interactive lessons, games, and play acting. Students discover how God can help them with the problems they face at home and school. They explore God’s love for them, as well as his love for the rest of the world.

2nd – 5th grade
Games, crafts, and discussion keep this class hopping! Student dive deeper into God’s word and investigate how a relationship with God affects real life issues. The class is a fun, nurturing place where kids can share the challenges they face, pray for each other, and discover the Bible for themselves.

High School
Games and mixers start off this class, helping students transition into thinking about how God can make a difference in the daily issues they face. Topics such as forgiveness, friendship, and evangelism are investigated through Bible passages and prayer. This class helps students personally connect with the God who made them and who wants to help them navigate the years ahead.

About our Teachers
Our Sunday school program is directed by a NYS certified teacher, Jenn Myles. Our carefully selected teachers are patient and kind, and they have a close relationship with God. They are mentored in classroom management and lesson planning. Each of our teachers love children and have a desire for each of their students to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Crossroads we place a high value on ministering to children and ensuring that we do so in a safe and nurturing environment.